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President Obama has planned to take action on immigration for a long time, and for a long time he’s put it off—with the reason for that in 2014 being that he didn’t want to harm Democrats’ reelection chances in Congress. Well, Republicans won the Senate anyway—and now, pushing his strategy for immigration reform all the way through may prove more difficult than ever.  View Full Post
It seems every month—if not more frequently—a new court is striking down a same-sex marriage ban. In some cases, those are state courts—and in others, they’re the federal appellate courts. It’s the latter that’s relevant here, as we now have the vaunted circuit split with the Sixth Circuit upholding same-sex marriage bans in four states, likely signaling Supreme Court review of the matter. View Full Post
As we’ve seen very well based on all the reaction coming across the LexBlog Network over the past few days, what transpired on Tuesday had a big impact on reshaping a number of laws all across the country. While marijuana legalization took many of the headlines, there were a number of key changes to wage and hour laws across the country. View Full Post
With exponential growth in the wearable technology sector, it’s no surprise that we’ve seen an increase in attention on medical technology. And with that comes a second thought—what does all this mean from a cybersecurity standpoint? How protected is this data? View Full Post
Cybersecurity has never been a bigger issue than it is now here in 2014. And it isn’t like it getting smaller anytime soon, what with a new regulatory agency jumping into the fray nearly every month. This month, you can add the FCC to the list as the agency issued its first data security fine, for $10 million against two telecommunications providers.  View Full Post