MySpace Settles with FTC

The FTC has again provided us with a road map to compliance through the Myspace consent order.   Here are the takeaways that should concern every company with an online presence. Much can be learned from how the FTC has evaluated the adequacy of Myspace’s privacy policy when compared to its actual day-to-day procedures. View Full Post
MySpace Settles with Federal Trade Commission After Violating Users' Privacy : LXBN Roundtable It  seems like a distant memory, but just four years ago MySpace was king of the social networking hill.  Born from the efforts of a few select eUniverse employees (eUniverse later became Intermix Media), MySpace was once competing with the likes of Google for unique visitors.   View Full Post
Once again, the Federal Trade Commission (“FTC”) has settled with a social networking platform regarding deceptive and misleading privacy practices. Following settlements with Twitter, Inc. in June 2010, Google, Inc. in March 2011, and Facebook, Inc. in November 2011, on Tuesday, the FTC reached a similar agreement with MySpace LLC (“MySpace”) over its failure to uphold promises made in its privacy policy regarding the collection and dissemination of user information. View Full Post
Myspace agreed to 20 years of US government oversight of privacy, just like Facebook did in 2011 and Google did in 2010. On May 8, 2012 the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) released a statement about its settlement with Myspace dislosing the following mispresentations which were violations of federal privacy laws View Full Post
On May 8, 2012, the Federal Trade Commission (FTC) announced its settlement with social networking service Myspace on charges that it misrepresented its protection of users’ personal information in violation of federal law. Like many of its social media counterparts who were recently the target of FTC enforcement actions, Myspace is charged with espousing strict privacy measures and then failing to do as promised. View Full Post
Myspace Settles with FTC Regarding "Constructive Sharing" of PII with Third-Party Advertisers On May 8, the Federal Trade Commission agreed to settle allegations that Myspace misrepresented its data practices regarding the use and sharing of its users’ personally identifiable information, a deceptive act or practice in violation of Section 5 of the FTC Act.  View Full Post
On May 8, 2012, the Federal Trade Commission announced a settlement agreement with the social networking service Myspace LLC (“Myspace”). The FTC alleged that Myspace’s practice of sharing users’ personal information with unaffiliated third-party advertisers conflicted with representations the company made in its privacy policy, and could allow those advertisers to obtain users’ names, publicly available information and information about their online browsing habits. View Full Post