They're back. The NLRB has re-issued its proposed rules for the expedited election of union officials. The new rules are supposedly identical to the old ones, which were proposed in June of 2011.

As we previously reported, the ambush election rules implemented by the National Labor Relations Board (“Board”) last year tilted the scales of union elections in labor’s favor by expediting the election process and eliminating many of the steps employers have relied upon to protect their rights and those of employees who may not want a union. View Full Post
Monday Morning Regulatory Review:  WOTUS Litigation IV; Cross-State / Transport Rule Remanded; Labor Elections Upheld Again Litigation dominated regulatory affairs last week. Procedural posturing continued in the Waters of the United States (WOTUS) litigation while gaining some clarity and the Clean Air Act (CAA) “good neighbor” regulations returned to the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) for further refinement. View Full Post