Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals

Curated legal news on recent cases, decisions, and more from the Seventh Circuit Court of Appeals, the appellate jurisdiction for Illinois, Indiana, and Wisconsin.

Since its 1994, decision in Troupe v. May Department Stores Co., 20 F.3d 734 (7th Cir. 1994), the Seventh Circuit has instructed the district courts within its boundaries (including those in Illinois) to look for evidence that creates “a convincing mosaic of discrimination” in considering summary judgment motions in employment discrimination cases. View Full Post
Seventh Circuit to Re-Hear Case Determining Whether Sexual Orientation Discrimination is Covered By Title VII A Seventh Circuit panel’s ruling that Title VII does not cover claims of sexual orientation discrimination will be heard en banc by the Circuit.  Whether an en banc ruling affirms or reverses the panel’s decision, it is likely that this issue will only be resolved with certainty by the Supreme Court. View Full Post