Editor’s note: Following is a transcription of a Facebook Live interview conducted on March 9, 2018, at ABA Techshow by Kevin O’Keefe, CEO of LexBlog, with Bob Ambrogi, LexBlog’s publisher and editor-in-chief. View the interview here. Kevin O’Keefe: I’m here with my friend and our Editor-in-Chief and publisher Bob Ambrogi, and within the last month or so LexBlog, has changed its initiatives to really be more of a publisher, even though we have a very strong technology team, and a strong technology publishing platform. View Full Post
Kevin O’Keefe: Talking with Ginny Allen here at the ABA TechShow. Who are you, Jenny, and what do you do? Ginny Allen: I am Vice President of GrowPath. We are a new practice management platform targeting plaintiffs’ firms. We were developed by a plaintiffs’ firm out of North Carolina and we’re actually launching next month, so we’re new to the market, but we were here because our Chief Product Officer, Eric Sanchez, had the opportunity to speak yesterday on next generation technologies. View Full Post
[An interview between Kevin O’Keefe and Ivy Grey, of PerfectIt, at the 2018 ABA TechShow] Kevin O’Keefe: Talking with Ivy Grey here at the ABA TechShow. Who are you, Ivy, and what do you do? Ivy Grey: My name is Ivy Grey, I’m a practicing attorney and I am also the creator of American legal style for PerfectIt, which is a legal specific proofreading program for lawyers that runs within Microsoft Word. View Full Post
An interview with Katelyn Ringrose, founder of Impowerus, and Carol Li, at the ABA TechShow. Kevin O’Keefe: I’m here today at the ABA TechShow. I met you guys on Twitter on Sunday night, and what were you talking about? Carol Li: I was just posting about our startup, and how I recently joined Impowerus and how we’ll be at South by Southwest next week a pitching in the student startup madness. View Full Post
[Original post from Benjamin Scott Wright] Fastcase is still aggressively pursuing secondary content, and more is coming soon. That’s the takeaway from a little conversation I had with Joe Patz, a Fastcase account executive, at ABA TECHSHOW yesterday. He was one of several people I was keen to ask, What’s coming in the next year? View Full Post