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[Original post from Benjamin Scott Wright of The Editing Lawyer]

I’m a tech-savvy millennial lawyer about to start my own business, and legal tech companies don’t market to me.

Yesterday I spent about two hours talking to exhibitors on the

[Original post from Benjamin Scott Wright]

Fastcase is still aggressively pursuing secondary content, and more is coming soon.

That’s the takeaway from a little conversation I had with Joe Patz, a Fastcase account executive, at ABA TECHSHOW yesterday. He was

“We’re building the world’s largest legal news network- news and commentary from all areas of the law, and all areas of the world. Wherever you’re blogging let us know, because we want you to be part of this… It’s our

The first full day of the 2018 ABA TechShow has now wrapped up, and the conference featured hours of informative panels and discussions about legal tech. Rather than having a sponsor, today we dedicated our coverage to Impowerus, a