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LexBlog empowers lawyers to optimize business development, showcase expertise and enhance their reputation. We handle everything from building and maintaining a professionally designed blog for you, to teaching you how to post content and ensuring that your blog is optimized to show up in searches and get seen by new business prospects. All you need to grow your business and network through blogging is your core legal knowledge and a desire to share it—LexBlog takes care of the rest.


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LexBlog authors are syndicated to the The LexBlog Network, the largest curation of legal blogs. This puts your content in front of legal influencers and more than 15,000 social followers. We help you grow the number of people who know your firm and can vouch for your reputation.

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Not sure about blog writing? The only content your blog needs is what you already know and share in your practice daily. This is knowledge that you can’t fake and will drive clients to you. Becoming a lawyer is hard. Summarizing what you already know in 200 words for your clients and prospective clients? Not so much.

I am a LexBlog fan. I want to write blog posts that influence sustainability and green building while advancing my law practice. I don’t want to have to give a moment’s thought to the technical side of blogging. And to their credit, the folks at LexBlog handle everything except my content. I could not be more pleased.

Stuart Kaplow

Environmental and Green Building Lawyer , Owner Stuart D. Kaplow, PA

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Most customers (including you) research online before making a purchasing decision. To get hired, you need to be visible online and in searches. That’s why the LexBlog technical team keeps your platform current with search technology trends. Expect potential clients to find you faster.

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Pricing and Plans for Your Needs

Regardless of your firm size, practice area and web experience, our goal is to help you blog. If you’re a solo lawyer looking to make your blogging debut, we have a plan to get you started. Or if you’re with a large firm looking to host several blogs, we offer enterprise options designed for scale. Plus we cover everything in between.

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