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LexBlog’s Law School Blog Network is a partnership putting free law blogs in the hands of law students, their professors and school administrators to help them make a name for themselves as legal professionals.

A professionally-published blog showcases a law student’s knowledge as well as or even better than a resume, and firms take notice of students with the initiative to leave thoughtful comments on the firm’s social media outlets.

Kevin O'Keefe

LexBlog CEO

Law Students

Your plate is probably already full with studying, interning and work. LexBlog wants to help you work smart and save time on your job search. That’s why we’re offering the tools to differentiate yourself in a competitive industry for free.

A Blog Sets You Ahead of Your Peers

Your field is getting increasingly competitive, so why not give yourself an edge now? Blogging gives you a voice online, so you can make a name for yourself and an impression with top law firms.

Law Student Blog
Law Student Blog

Take it From a Fellow Student

Meet Miguel Willis. He’s a second-year law student at Seattle University whose Twitter followers include bar associations and top firms. Miguel has firms reaching out to him because they’ve been so impressed by his blog.

Blogging has allowed me to build an audience and reputation while in law school. I have landed several speaking engagements from individuals who followed my blog.

Miguel Willis

J.D. candidate at Seattle University School of Law, Founder of the ATJ Tech Fellows Program

A Low Commitment Investment

LexBlog offers free blogs to law students, so there’s zero financial investment required. What about time? Well, our student bloggers consider posting easier than writing papers. And a lot of their content is the same as their coursework, simply paraphrased in a more casual and friendly tone.

Law Student Blog
Law Student Blog

Now is the Time to Get Started

Few law students blog, so there’s a real opportunity to stand out from your peers. And as a law student, you’re in an ideal position to blog because right now you’re discussing new ideas and learning from the best legal minds. You have everything you need to start building your name as a legal professional now. Why wait?

Law Schools

The legal community needs your voice, especially online. LexBlog wants to give you a platform to amplify it. That’s why we’re offering free blogs to law schools and professors.

Law Schools Blog

Improve Your Recruiting

Nothing communicates the value of a school like the people who work there. Let prospective students hear from your admins, professors and students on a blog, and they’ll see your school’s caliber firsthand. Plus blog posts make for great content to send out to engage potential students via email and social channels.

Get Recognized on Our Network

A blog is only as strong as its readership. To drive influencers to your posts, we’ll create an aggregated content channel for your school on LXBN.com, the largest curated legal blogging network. A featured spot here will put both your school’s professor- and student-generated content in front of leading legal professionals, including more than half of the Am Law 200 firms.

Law School Blog

The Law School Blog Network provides a platform to engage with the legal community and the public.

Daniel Linna

Law Professor at University of Michigan, director of Legal RnD

Law School Blog

Shine a Light on Top Students

Want to celebrate top students? Try featuring them on a blog. Student spotlights are a successful strategy to both motivate current students and showcase accomplishments to readers outside of the university community.

Integrate Practice Development

If you want to teach students the business of law, blogging is an easy practice to bring into the classroom. Students can continue writing about their regular class content while learning how to leverage the latest technology to build an online presence and professional reputation.

Law School Blog

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