When will Sunday sales come? Perhaps they’re here, with “garage sales.” But I suspect “Sunday” laws prevent this day from becoming a national trend.

Besides that, there is “Black Friday.” “Small Business Saturday.” “Cyber Monday.” “Giving Tuesday.” “Wellness Wednesday.” What happened to Thursday? Oh yes, that’s reserved for Thursday night football (pro) … and Monday night (pro) and Friday night (high school) and Saturday (college) and Sunday (pro).

Our efforts to reserve large chunks of time for commercial enterprises go unabashed and are limited only by one’s creativity and marketing energy. One such campaign just came to my attention for the first time: 40% discount on the purchase of a complete pair of glasses. Professionals do not discount in advance; in fact, this is a “first” for vision care. The purchase must be made on a date certain and within a constrained time frame.

There may be discounts by professionals, but only as inducements to pay outstanding accounts receivable, not to induce increased sales.

What is the professional services world coming to? Ah, more and more every day like The Business of Law®