The Blawg 100 is always populated with outstanding blogs. This year they added a new one to their ranks: Foley & Lardner‘s Dashboard Insights

It’s a go-to for anything and everything automotive. As we continue to highlight the LexBlog Network members on the Blawg 100 the blog’s co-editors, Omar Lucia and Jeffrey Soble, shared how they’ve built such a successful blog over the years.

What discipline have you set up for yourself to help your blogging process?

Consistency is key – we committed to and have been diligently posting a new blog every Monday and Thursday since the blog’s inception. Yes, we occasionally miss a day but overall we’re very consistent with this schedule. It was important to us that our readers know they can count on us for fresh content and it’s very important to us to maintain that trust.

Omar Lucia
Omar Lucia

What new audiences are you trying to reach?

Our target audience is anyone who has an interest in the automotive industry.  Of course, as a law firm, we might focus on in-house counsel, but we try not to be limiting.  Instead we want to be expanding and inclusive.  For example, the automotive industry traditionally includes OEMs and suppliers; however, with the development of connected and autonomous vehicles that now means start-ups and tech companies are reading our blog too. It’s exciting to see the audience evolve much in the same way the industry itself is evolving.

What kinds of things do you do to engage your readership?

Jeffrey Soble
Jeffrey Soble

We try not to sound like lawyers.  We don’t want to just analyze new case law or discuss recent mergers.  We want to cover the industry, and that is more than law.  Additionally, we try to vary the subject matter (regulatory, IP, litigation, labor & employment, etc.) and have a variety of authors, including guest contributors. A variety of fresh content from diverse perspectives helps our audience to stay engaged and (we hope!) is a reason they continue to rely on us for information.

What does success look like to you; what makes a post feel great?

A post feels great when it quickly delivers ‘must-know’ content to our readers in an easily digestible format. We know we’ve done well when they call or write to us and say “loved your post! Now I need your help…”

Why do you think you made it on the Blawg 100? What sets you apart?

We hope we made it onto Blawg 100 because we’re talking about issues that matter most to our readers. We also like to think that people appreciate our plain-spoken, non-legalese way of talking about the industry and its issues.  We hope that how we write, and what we address, helps our readers think about potential solutions to what keeps them up at night – we think that sets us apart.