On July 21, 2011 the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB) went live. And so did Ballard Spahr‘s CFPB Monitor

As we continue our Q&As with LexBlog Network members representing on the Blawg 100, Alan Kaplinsky, partner at Ballard Spahr and lead of the firm’s Consumer Financial Services Group, took some time out to explain how the blog’s goal has been to cover everything CFPB related since day 1.

What discipline have you set up for yourself to help your blogging process? 

Our goal is to monitor anything and everything going on at the Consumer Financial Protection Bureau (CFPB), as well as in the courts, at other agencies, or anywhere else that might be relevant to the CFPB, and report on it quickly and accurately.  To do that, we must be disciplined about checking a wide range of sources every day—and often, several times a day.  Those sources include the CFPB’s website, governmental and private subscription services that report on developments relating to consumer financial services, and the news media.  

What kinds of things do you do to engage your readership?

We attempt to write blog posts that do more than simply tell our readers what happened. We want to engage our readers by telling them what a development could mean for their business and why it should be important to them.

What’s your favorite type of post to write? 

My favorite post is one that allows me to analyze a development and provide insights and “color commentary” that draws upon my many years of experience representing clients in the consumer financial services industry.

What does success look like to you; what makes a post feel great? 

Success is when a blog post generates interest and questions from readers, including those in the media.  A post feels great when we break a story before the media has become aware of it or raise important issues that others have overlooked.  

Why do you think you made it on the Blawg 100? What sets you apart?

We are the only blog that focuses exclusively on the CFPB. I think we made it onto the Blawg 100 for the fifth straight year because our readers have come to rely on and respect our blog as a timely, reliable, and thorough source of information about the CFPB.