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I’m a tech-savvy millennial lawyer about to start my own business, and legal tech companies don’t market to me.

Yesterday I spent about two hours talking to exhibitors on the TECHSHOW floor. I had extended conversations with a couple of them (I wish I’d had time for more). I made the day trip from Wisconsin because I’ll be launching my own solo practice in about two months, and I thought it would be a great chance to see the latest tech available for my new practice, compare my options, and make some decisions.

What struck me at the expo, however, was that none of these tech companies were marketing to me. I didn’t seem to be their ideal customer. Which struck me as odd, because I’m a tech-savvy millennial lawyer about to start my own business. Shouldn’t I be every legal tech company’s target?

As it turns out, no. What I saw and heard from nearly every booth was something else. It was all about convincing lawyers who haven’t implemented tech at all to buy in. The message all around was, Buy our software, it’ll save you time! or Our software will get you more clients! I think these messages still predominate because the market isn’t full yet. Companies are still gobbling up the vast supply of low-tech, overworked attorneys who just need a little coaxing to jump on the bandwagon.

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