Any company that is subject to the GDPR, among other things, must ensure that it does and can timely comply with requests from any EU data subject with respect to the data subject’s rights under the GDPR, which are:

  1. Right of access – EU data subjects are entitled to know if their data is being processed and if so the terms of same.
  2. Right to rectification – EU data subjects have the right to correct information held by any controller.
  3. Right to erasure – Be ready to completely remove any EU data subject’s personal data from your systems (if anything cannot be removed they need to be told why) upon their request.
  4. Right to restriction of processing – Be ready to restrict certain EU data subject’s personal data from being processed in any manner in which a specific EU data subject states it no longer consents to (even if he/she provided consent for such processing earlier).
  5. Right to data portability – Be ready to provide a copy of each EU data subject’s personal data upon their request, and this can include sending it to the data subject or sending it to a third party. Your company should be able to comply with any request within 30 days at no charge to EU user.
  6. Right to object – Be ready to halt certain activities with respect to the personal data of any EU data subject if notice is provided to you by such EU data subject (this is in addition to the right to restricting processing and prior consent can be modified or taken away at EU data subject’s whim).