Welcome black to the Top 10 in Law Blogs! It’s a stunningly beautiful day at LexBlog headquarters in Seattle, Washington, and we hope its similarly gorgeous wherever this post happens to find you. This week features, per usual, a wide variety of posts including Jon Wainwright’s examination of venture capitalist Tim Draper’s initiative to split California into three states, Aaron Lukken’s powerful tribute to Anthony Bourdain, and Nicole Black’s great discussion of lawyer ratings and reviews. Here’s to a happy Summer Solstice weekend – we’ll see you next week.

Big Tribal Victory in Culvert Case, Big Implications for Taxpayers – By Richard Glick: On June 11, the Supreme Court issued a one-sentence order affirming the Ninth Circuit’s 2016 judgment in United States v. State of WashingtonIn that case, the federal government sued Washington on behalf of several Indian tribes, asserting that culverts constructed by the state over decades blocked salmon runs for which the tribes held treaty fishing rights. View Full Post

The Problematic Cali-3-nia Proposition – By Jon Wainwright: Silicon Valley venture capitalist Tim Draper’s initiative to split California into three states, being marketed as Cal 3, qualified for this year’s November ballot. The idea is problematic. Article IV, Section 3 of the U.S. Constitution reads: “no new States shall be formed or erected within the Jurisdiction of any other State … without the Consent of the Legislatures of the States concerned as well as of the Congress.” So, the constitutional ability to split California exists. View Full Post

Church Sues Virginia County Over Religious Discrimination Claims – By Evan Seeman: Last month, a church known as Love of Life Fellowship, Inc. (the “Church”) sued the County of Chesterfield, Virginia, alleging religious discrimination resulting from its desired acquisition and use of 38 acres at 500 Baptist Drive in Chester, Virginia (the “Property”).  View Full Post

74 arrested for Spearphishing (cyber fraud aka Business Email Compromise – BEC) for theft of +$16m! – By Peter S. Vogel: The US Department of Justice announced the arrest of 74 criminals, including 42 in the US, who made millions “targeting employees with access to company finances and businesses working with foreign suppliers and/or businesses that regularly perform wire transfer payments.” The June 11, 2018 Press Release entitled “74 Arrested in Coordinated International Enforcement Operation Targeting Hundreds of Individuals in Business Email Compromise Schemes” included a description of these most popular Spearphishing schemes: ”Romance scams,” which lull victims to believe that their online paramour needs funds for an international business transaction, a U.S. View Full Post

The New Word of Mouth: Lawyer Ratings and Reviews – By Nicole Black: The days of marketing your law firm in the Yellow Pages are long gone. More than 3 decades ago, along came the internet and suddenly the way we used to do nearly everything, including marketing law firms, changed in the blink of an eye. View Full Post

Hey, Alexa, How Much Did You Raise My SoundExchange Royalties? – By David Oxenford: In the last year, the popularity of Alexa, Google Home and similar “smart speaker” devices has led to discussions at almost every broadcast conference of how radio broadcasters should embrace the technology as the new way for listeners to access radio programming in their homes. View Full Post

Cake and Cannabis: What the Masterpiece Cakeshop Case Means for Marijuana Businesses – By Megan Vaniman: What do cake and cannabis have to do with each other? Besides the obvious late-night munchies or a great recipe for an edible, a recent Supreme Court decision involving cake impacts cannabis businesses across the nation. The Masterpiece Cakeshop case garnered a lot of media attention—and for good reason. View Full Post

Anthony Bourdain, World Traveler – By Aaron Lukken: Add me to the list of Bourdain fans who loved the guy, but who weren’t really in lovewith the guy.  By his own admission, he was kind of a jerk, and you’d understand if you’d read Kitchen Confidential.  But man, I loved his shows.  View Full Post

Cyber Coverage for Cyber Attacks – Are You Protected? – By Husch Blackwell: Over the past five to ten years, the advancement of technology has produced a flurry of corporate cyber-attacks. Data breaches make the news virtually every day. Too often, however, companies seek compensation for their data breach losses by making claims on commercial general liability (CGL) or property policies – policies that simply were not written to cover these types of perils. View Full Post

How Cyber Threats Affect Law Firm Marketers – By Melanie Trudeau: Stories of cyber hackers penetrating credit bureaus,  government resources,corporationssocial media sites and even law firms continue to highlight the ever-growing threat to organizations that operate in a digital environment. For years, law firm technology has lagged behind the majority of corporate America. View Full Post