I’m Emily and I am dedicating this blog to all things related to e-justice.


The e-justice revolution is upon us. From Argentina to the United Kingdom, technology is disrupting the way all of us will access justice. The impact of these reform programmes cannot be underestimated. All stakeholders associated with the legal system will be affected.

This intersection between justice and technology has grabbed my attention. I want to share what jurisdictions are doing around the world; their journeys, their successes, their mistakes.

And whilst there are numerous blogs about #legaltech and the disruption happening across the legal sector generally, I felt there was a gap when it came to a comprehensive analysis of what jurisdictions were doing around the world. I aim to be transparent and informative, but I may, when my passion strikes, express an opinion or two.

So here I am. Ready to go. So strap yourselves in… Let’s jump into the world of e-justice!