Change is an inevitable part of society, but for some reason, we are naturally resistant to it. It can often be scary and intimidating, so it makes sense that we are intimidated. Thanks to change, the daily habits and routines that are an integral part of our lives can be disrupted. But, when it comes to growing a successful law firm, it’s crucial to embrace changes readily. In doing so, your firm can be on the forefront change that enables growth.

Technology is the leader when it comes to change. It seems like we can’t go a few days without a new update or product that alters the way we communicate with others. This constant evolution and need to adapt is apparent in the legal field. To keep in business, it’s essential to use technology to your advantage instead of resisting it. By adapting technology, there are three key ways that can, in turn, help your firm grow.

Growing Your Firm With Technology

Save Your Precious Time and Money

It’s inevitable that you spend your valuable time on administrative tasks such as billing and time tracking. Did you know some lawyers spend 48% of their time doing administrative tasks? That’s precious time you could be billing. If you have an assistant to help do these tasks for you, that can be costly overheard. Both scenarios do not exactly help increase your bottom line.

What if you could spend that time billing clients instead of doing tasks? Imagine the increase in income you would see. Using technology can help you accomplish that. Software and services exist to help lawyers do just these things. Such products allow you to streamline basic tasks and get back to billing faster. Some software to consider is:

Improve Your Client Experience

Clients should not be thought of as just a dollar sign. Relationships matter and without taking the time to nurture your clients, you can quickly lose them to another firm who takes the time to build relationships. Being a great lawyer isn’t enough; you also need to have great people skills to be successful.

If you don’t make customer service a priority, your current clients will without a doubt leave you for someone who does. You don’t have to be necessarily witty, but being kind and attentive can go a long way for most clients.

Making your clients a priority should be a top priority for your firm. Take the time and effort to get to know your client’s needs. With the right software it’s much easier than you think to improve your client satisfaction:

  • MailChimp, Constant Contact: Email Marketing that helps keep clients engaged with your firm with a personal touch
  • Zendesk: Live chat for your website that allows real-time chat and interactions with website visitors
  • Lexicata: Easy intake forms to enable clients to begin a discussion with you
  • HubSpot: All in one CRM that that can help tracks interested prospects and current client’s habits to help you deliver the best resources (email, forms, tracking, live chat, and more)

Build Your Knowledge

Not only can technology help save you time and money and improve your client’s experience; it also can help inform you. You read that right. Technology can also give you the necessary information that can help you make better-informed business decisions. With the help of technology, you can know what your clients are thinking at any point.

Analytics can provide you with the insight of exactly how many visitors are on your site at any given time. It also can help show you what terms they are searching for and how users arrive at your site. This information can then allow you to build your website to meet visitors’ needs. Having a seamless browsing experience can help convert visitors into clients.

Client feedback should be something your firm should be actively seeking. There are countless lawyer review sites on the web. Try to have an active profile and monitor as many sites as possible. In doing so you will not only gain exposure, but you will also be able to see how clients feel about your service.

  • Google Analytics: A free and compelling analytics suite that allows you to monitor web traffic, visitor behavior, and more once you install code on your website
  • Optimizely: Software that enables A/B testing for different content and design schemes on your web pages which in turn optimizes user experience and turns visitors into paying clients
  • YelpAvvo: Websites that allow clients to leave feedback on customer experience; ask clients to review you on sites and keep track of what is being said to ensure you are meeting client expectations

Technology Is Good

Technology isn’t going anywhere, and it’s time to embrace the changes that it brings. Be open to what new technology has to bring; especially since many software services can help improve and grow your bottom line. It’s important to stay informed and learn what is out there to benefit your firm.

Having new technology may not always be necessary. BUT if you can afford it, it does make your life much more efficient and more manageable. While the cost to implement may seem high, more than likely they will pay for themselves. They should be considered investment towards building a bigger and better law firm that can meet all your client needs.