As the final Brexit date approaches, EU-member state governments are putting in place specific plans for British nationals living within the EU after March 29, 2019.  Earlier this week the Dutch Immigration and Naturalisation Service (“IND”) shared a template letter it will begin sending to UK nationals legally residing in the Netherlands regarding the continuation of residence post Brexit in case there is no withdrawal agreement ratified between the UK and the EU.  Key points contained in the letter include:

  • There will be a transition period (March 29, 2019 – July 1, 2020) during which UK nationals and their qualifying dependents will maintain their rights to residence, employment, and study in the Netherlands.
  • After the transition period, UK nationals must obtain a residence permit to lawfully remain in the Netherlands.  Applicants must meet the conditions of residence that apply to EU citizens.  On a rolling basis, the IND will send invitation letters to UK nationals who need to apply for a residence permit.  Applications can only be filed by individuals who have received an invitation letter.  All invitation letters will be received by April 1, 2020.  UK nationals should confirm they are registered with the Dutch municipality and that their address is accurate in order to receive the invitation letter.
  • UK nationals who have an EU permanent residence document must obtain a new national permanent residence permit after the transition period.  Impacted individuals will receive a letter from IND requesting that they schedule an appointment to collect the new permanent residence permit at an IND office.  New national permanent residence permits will be issued free of charge.
  • UK nationals who possess a national temporary residence permit may keep their permit and remain in the Netherlands through the duration of its validity.  During the transition period, these individuals will receive a letter from IND giving them the option to apply for a new national residence permit.
  • UK nationals with another EU-nationality may continue to reside in the Netherlands without taking specific measures to preserve their right of residence in the Netherlands.
  • UK nationals will continue to be eligible for allowances for health care, childcare, rent, and child-related budget after March 29, 2019 as long as they continue to meet the conditions.
  • UK nationals entering the Netherlands after March 29, 2019 will need to apply for residency and work authorization, though an entry visa will not be required.
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