The pace of life is speeding up.  The months rush by in a blur of deadlines, emails, and stress.  So much these days feels out of our control and this is precisely why it is so important to grasp what is ours to influence and control – and most important of all is our own wellness.

Attorney With A Life® contributor Terry DeMeo joined me in writing an article for the CLIO blog about 5 important investments lawyers can make in their wellness.  Here’s an excerpt:

Members of the legal profession are suffering in one main area—mental wellness. The stats mentioned in this exploration of lawyer wellness make that clear.

Mental wellness can feel like something that is out of control. It is all too easy to feel helpless under the weight of anxiety and depression. What’s important to know is that in many cases, you are not helpless, and indeed mental wellness is something you can influence and change for the better. We have done this for ourselves, and we have helped others. Here is what you can do to invest in this essential aspect of your wellbeing.

You can access the full article here.