Law is one hard working profession.

It is also highly meaningful and vital to our civil society.

The updated Welcome to AWAL section on the home page and the About page explore this idea further. Here’s an excerpt for you:

 “Lay people sometimes forget that the rights and freedoms that underpin our civil society depend on the rule of law. The rule of law is under threat in many parts of the world. As a young woman, I lived and worked in a part of the world without the rule of law and where the power of the government trumped all. I saw first hand what it is like to live in a country where one small misstep or unfortunate circumstance can lead to arrest and imprisonment without trial and any form of political dissent earns a one-way ticket to a jail cell and the persecution of family members.

Attorneys in the US. Lawyers in Canada. Legal professionals – your work matters. It matters for our commercial transactions. It matters for resolving our disputes. It matters for safeguarding our human rights and freedoms. It all matters.

Law is one hard working profession. This is true. And it is worth it.”

This was also the theme of a recent presentation on mental wellness that I presented to The Advocates Society in Vancouver and of this article that was posted on Clio’s blog.

Personal wellness is a vital pillar of a strong professional foundation. Whatever your area of practice your work has meaning and purpose. You matter. Attorney With A Life® is here for you.