With great fanfare and rejoicing, the benchmark for the legaltech industry returns for its third edition. The latest edition of the In-House Counsel’s LegalTech Buyer’s Guide will be released in 2019, and you are invited to submit your technology and experiences. The guide has become an industry benchmark and is relied upon by legal departments in the leading companies around the globe for their tech buying decisions.

The Buyer’s Guide is a free, downloadable guide that showcases more than 100 technology solutions which solve the daily challenges faced by in-house lawyers.

The guide involves year-long research from an independent panel of in-house counsels, legal operations specialists, and technology experts. The handbook includes practical advice based on dozens of interviews, real-life experiences, and personal recommendations from in-house lawyers and legal experts who have used technology to cut costs and inefficiency. Previous editions have included interviews with experts from Pearson, AIG, Travelocity, Vodafone, NetApp, Del Monte, and Novartis.

We Want to Hear From You

If you are either a vendor – returning or new – or a user of legal technology for in-house legal teams, we want to hear from you.

Submit your tech information or experiences for the 2019 In-House Counsel’s LegalTech Buyer’s Guide.

The 2019 edition will be fully updated, and it remains entirely free to submit information.  We want to hear your story if:

  • You are a new vendor providing software that helps solve the daily challenges faced by in-house lawyers.
  • You are a returning vendor who is continuing to serve in-house lawyers and how, if at all, your service has changed since your 2018 listing.
  • You are an in-house lawyer or work in a law department and use legal technology in any aspect of your work.

The guide examines technology in categories including Contract Due Diligence, Legal Research, eDiscovery, Contract Review, Intellectual Property, Expertise Automation, eBilling, Legal Analytics, Prediction Technology, and many more.

Ensure you don’t miss out on sharing your expertise.  Submit your tech and experiences!

Reviews of the 2018 Edition

Like the 2017 edition before it, the 2018 edition of the Buyer’s Guide is a must-read for all in-house lawyers and legal departments.  The 2018 edition is still available as a free download.