In my short time here at LexBlog, I’ve learned that spontaneity is the norm. Though this is not something that I’m used to, it’s something that I’ve been doing my best to embrace.

I’m a person who likes plans (both the Death Cab album and the act of deciding things in advance). I wake up each morning with a solid plan for the day and almost always stick to that, but this summer I’ve felt implored to try a new approach. 

I’ve noticed a pattern at LexBlog: my colleagues work on a whim. This doesn’t mean that everyone here leaves tasks until the last possible moment and hopes that projects come together in the end. In other words, it’s not the procrastination that constantly consumes my academic career.

What I’ve observed at LexBlog can only be described as uninhibited inspiration at work. Employees aren’t forced to “stick to the status quo” because the status quo never remains stagnant for more than a day or two.

Setting goals and accomplishing them on a whim is not an easy task, nor is it one that I can claim to have mastered. Our weekly blogging hour still fills me with anxiety as I spend half of the hour agonizing over what to write about. But despite my fear of the impromptu, I plan to plan a little less.