Last week, I hosted a live webinar giving those interested a look into how the publishing team makes editorial decisions for our network of 22,000 bloggers (now 23,000). It was a joy to engage with bloggers who hoped to make their blogging more impactful, wanted to get more out of their relationship with LexBlog, or were simply interested in learning more about our legal publishing company. That webinar has led to many follow-up conversations with participants about blogging and their inclusion on LexBlog. If you missed it, you’re in luck–I will be doing it all over again on Wednesday June 26 2019 at 1:00 p.m. EST, but this time with an expanded focus on information primarily relevant to platform members.  

Just like last time, the webinar will be free and will go over the publishing team’s methods for offering timely, relevant insights on legal commentary and news for readers, including:

  • Deciding which blogs are syndicated on, which includes criteria for accepting or rejecting membership applications. 
  • Choosing daily stories from bloggers on to feature on the site’s front page. 
  • Explaining the LexBlog publishing team’s criteria for “front page worthy” news. 
  • Creating and showcasing contributor profile pages for firms, blogs, and authors on 

There will be a Q&A following the presentation, so come prepared with questions! I look forward to seeing you there. Here is the link to register.