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Are you a University Student who has been Arrested?

If your son or daughter has been arrested or charged with a crime while enrolled as a student at the University of Arkansas, you can expect swift action from the University Office of Student Standards and Conduct.

The Office of Student Standards and Conduct has broad discretion. Although the student is entitled to due process, the University moves on these matters very quickly.

Once the University sets a hearing, and depending on the alleged violation of the code of student conduct, the student can receive a university reprimand (placing the student on warning status for one year), a university censure (similar to reprimand but more serious), conduct probation, suspension (usually with specific conditions set by the University that must be met for re-enrollment), or expulsion (permanent dismissal from the University).

Students are often set for preliminary hearings with the Office of Student Standards and Conduct long before any court appearance on the criminal charge. Many times, the student does not realize the seriousness of the situation or the potential consequences until it is too late. If the student does not have adequate legal representation at the preliminary hearing with the University, it often requires a lengthy appeals process.

If your son or daughter has a hearing set with the Office of Student Standards and Conduct, do not allow them to attend the hearing without adequate legal representation. The outcome can have negative repercussions which can affect the student for years to come, not only at the University, but as the students transition out into the work force. Wh Law has defended young men and women in misdemeanor and felony court on a variety of matters from alcohol related offenses, narcotics cases, crimes of violence, and accusation of sexual assault. Wh Law can ensure that the rights of your son or daughter are protected.

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