In conjunction with AM 1160’s FREE annual pastors’ conference, Mauck & Baker is hosting a panel on Friday, November 15, to discuss common crises that occur within churches, and how to both prevent them and navigate them if they occur. The panel will consist of four knowledgeable Christian professionals, each experienced in a different area crucial to the well-being, accountability, safety, and compliance of your congregation.

Meet the panelists:

Richard Baker – Partner attorney with Mauck & Baker specializing in nonprofit, employment, and church law. 

Tom Ciesielka – Founder of TC Public Relations skilled in crafting important messages, especially in crisis situations.

Esdras Ferreras – Head Pastor at Sonido de Alabanza experienced in adopting best practices and leading his congregation through a real situation of abuse.

Greg Gunderson – Founder of Select Church Insurance Services, specializing in coverage and policies for churches and ministry.

Topics We Will Cover:

  • Avoiding Leadership Employment Pitfalls
  • Sex Abuse Prevention
  • Missions Trips and Activities
  • Outside Threats and Security

See you there!