Having allies can make all the difference when it comes to quick action in a critical situation. We witnessed one such example of this recently when our firm and several others were contacted by Alliance Defending Freedom (ADF) regarding a situation where a young woman was in need of protection from her parents who were coercing to get an abortion. When she went to stay at the home of her boyfriend’s parents to escape the coercion, her parents reported her missing to the police. Thus, ADF needed a local attorney to intervene so she could legally remove herself from the emotional abuse.

ADF is extremely effective in their work largely due to their network of allied attorneys—lawyers across the nation dedicated to upholding free speech, freedom of conscience, and free exercise of religion. This network enables ADF to delegate important legal issues to local lawyers.

The request involving this young woman was taken in by the extraordinary Thomas More Society (TMS), a pro-bono law firm that fights for life. They regularly represent clients in the battle against abortion.

Sometimes dire situations require additional support, so TMS got ahold of the attorneys at Mauck & Baker since our firm has previous experience in emergency legal action. We aided in getting a protective order granted to immediately prevent the girl’s parents from taking her to an abortion clinic.

The lesson to learn from this is that cooperation is essential to achieve a common goal. What more good could you accomplish for the kingdom if you engaged with other believers, other churches, or different denominations?