Google announced this week that it will soon begin rolling out a new and innovative function on their smartphone devices to help make life easier for those with physical and cognitive disabilities.

The feature is called “Action Blocks,” and it will allow users to complete a series of tasks with the push of a single icon from the menu screen.  The icon is then powered by Google Assistant to carry out the custom demand, which could cover virtually anything that can be done on a smartphone.

For example, a person with disabilities could have an icon programmed to call an Uber that would not only open the app, but also fill in the person’s location, remember his or her desired rideshare preferences and ultimately order the ride with a single tap of a button.  Action blocks can also be used to contact a specific person without having to scroll through a contact list, or even unlock doors and switch on the lights at home without having to unlock the phone, open a separate app or input  extra information.

Action Blocks are still in the testing phase, but people with disabilities are now able to sign up to use the feature before it’s official launch the public.  To request more information about becoming an approved tester, simply click here to submit your information to Google for consideration.