Program Starts March 1, 2020

Who Should Take Part:

Lawyers who are seeking guidance, a plan, and accountability support to overcome procrastination in their workday and in their lives.

About the Program:

At its heart procrastination is an avoidance behavior that often hides behind seemingly logical choices such as “I need a big block of time for this” and a myriad of other beliefs.

Procrastination is a challenge for many members of the legal community and is negatively impacting the work-life of many lawyers causing stress, guilt, and a reduction in productivity.

In this program through a combination of one-to-one coaching, group coaching sessions, video resources, and accountability tools participants will learn what is tripping them up (unique to each individual), the strategies and tools to implement, and will take action.

What You Receive:

1 Hour Deep Dive Private Coaching Session (To Uncover the Challenges, Set the Strategies and Develop Your Action Plan)

6 – Bi-Monthly Group Coaching Sessions (To Keep Your Plan Advancing and To Recalibrate As Needed)

1 Emergency Call with Coach (For Advice on a Sudden Challenge)

Coach-In-Your-Corner (Unlimited Emails With Coach)

Custom Thriving Practice Plan (Tailored to Fit You – Strategic, Focused, and Effective)

Mindset Alignment (Your Coach Will Help You to Surface the Limiting Thoughts that Hold You Back)

Advanced Accountability System (You Will Receive Daily or Weekly -as you prefer – Text or Email Check-Ins from Coach With Your Responses Tracked and Graphed to Record Progress)

Access to Webinar Trainings Addressing the Unique Challenges of Procrastination in Legal Practice

Print Copy of Solving the Procrastination Puzzle by Timothy A. Pychl, Leading Procrastination Researcher from Carleton University

Program Starts March 1, 2020


When will classes be held? Group coaching sessions will be held on Friday March 13, March 25, April 10, April 24, May 8, and May 22 at 1:00 pm Pacific/4:00 pm Eastern. Dates may change to accommodate the needs of a majority of students. Group coaching sessions will be recorded.

How will my confidentiality be protected in group sessions? The group sessions will have the coach on video and participants sending in questions before the session and using chat during the session.

What results can I expect from this class? You can expect to – with your coach – develop a practice management plan that will help you to better prioritize, manage your time and energy, and reduce procrastination. The course is structured to give you lot of accountability support as you develop your skills and initiate new strategies. The course is designed to integrate into your day-to-day without becoming yet another thing you have to do!


To Register Interest:

Please email Allison at to confirm your interest in attending.  A $100 deposit will be required to reserve your place in the program.

About Your Coach Allison Wolf, PCC:

Allison Wolf is one of the most senior coaches for lawyers in Canada. She has helped countless clients over the past fifteen years, develop thriving legal practices and before that served as director of legal marketing for award-winning law firms. Allison’s specialty is uncovering the thinking traps and gaps holding her clients back and helping them acquire the mindsets, skills, and habits for growing successful and rewarding legal practices.

In coaching practice, it is said that “you have to live it to give it”. Allison spent many years honing her procrastination skills. In university, she learned a painful lesson about what happens when you try to cram for a final exam in level one Mandarin language studies. In the years that followed she was an adept deadline chaser, dedicated dentist appointment avoider, and a post-it-note organizer before tackling her procrastination habit head-on and now helping others to do the same.

The International Coach Federation accredits Allison as a Professional Certified Coach. Allison received her Certified Executive Coach qualification from Royal Roads University in 2004 and rounded out her coaching education with Life Coach training from Martha Beck in 2014. She is the president of Shift Works Strategic – Coaching for Lawyers, and founder of Allison is a frequent writer and presenter for legal organizations, legal media, and law firms.

Payment Options:

Program registrants will not be charged until February 15, 2020, and may choose from one of the options below.

Option 1: Pay in Full $997 (plus GST)

BONUS #1: Save $400

Option 2: Pay $1250 in Installments. Initial Investment $750 and 1 Monthly Payments of $500 (plus GST)

30 Day 100% Money Back Ethical Business Guarantee: As a Coach Certified by the International Coach Federation (ICF), I adhere to strict ethical guidelines as part of ICF’s mission to protect and serve coaching consumers. If the client is not satisfied with my coaching program and chooses to leave the program within the initial thirty days, all fees and taxes paid will be refunded.