By Melody Mzapi

A group of Zimbabweans has partnered with a waste circular economy hub drivers in China in advancing the goals of the Paris agreement on Climate Change which calls for countries in the pact to communicate their efforts in investing in a sustainable low carbon future.

The partnership runs under “#The Belt and Road Workshop on Climate Change and Green and low-carbon development policies and actions” hosted by the Department of Climate Change, Ministry of Ecology and Environment of the People’s Republic of China and organised by Foreign Environment Cooperation Centre of Ministry of Ecology and Environment in Beijing, China.

Its intended outcomes include the establishment of green bankable projects like waste to energy, green city development, technology transfer and unlocking green funding networks for capacity building and infrastructural on atmospheric GHGs in industrial parks in Zimbabwe.

The waste circular economy hub drivers are responsible for promoting the reuse and recycling of different materials including plastics for a cleaner environment. Planting of trees in the waste circular economy will see a considerable amount of green house gases being sequestrated for a low emission development strategy required by countries in the Paris Agreement Pact to communicate their Nationally Determined Contributions schedule.

The partnership, according to the Nationally Determined Contributions Committee Chairman, Doctor Charles Mabika, will see the two countries sharing knowledge on mitigating effects of climate change through human-induced factors/anthropogenic measures.

Under the Pact, countries committed to reducing the impact to the natural environment by altering the ammount of greenhouse gases and aerosols that deplete the stratospheric ozone layer.

‘Our focus is on Green and low carbon development
on mitigation and adaptation,” said Mabika. “We will be looking at
our milestones, project challenges and proposed solutions.”

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