By Melody Mzapi

THE government of Zimbabwe said engineers have the potential to achieve potential water cost-savings through recycling wastewater at a conference held in Bulawayo.

In an address by the climate change mitigation officer Lawrence Mashungu, the engineers learnt an audit of ten companies revealed results that a total of US$130 000 from the US$3.5 million charges would have been saved through recycling wastewater.

“One company is making strides regards to the recycling of wastewater,” says Mashungu.

The conference attended by stakeholders from the
energy and water sector gave an opportunity for engineers to reveal how
companies have participated in the adaptation process of innovations in water
efficiency management.

“Our company so far is purifying water wastewater to be used in watering the gardens, lawns and trees for the benefit of the surrounding community,” said the engineer at the conference which ran under the theme “Developing Sustainable Solutions to empower the future”.

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