Four New Lawyers, With Wide Alcohol Beverage Experience, Join Us Within the Past Three Months

We are delighted to announce that we have added two more highly experienced alcohol beverage lawyers in recent days:  Art DeCelle and Marshall Fawley. They join us after many years handling beer, wine and spirits issues at one of the premier alcohol beverage law practices in the U.S. A few weeks earlier, we affiliated with two other of counsel lawyers.

Our firm has steadily grown in recent years and we are now at ten alcohol beverage lawyers. Our new colleagues make us one of the top U.S. alcohol beverage law firms, significantly expanding the range of alcohol beverage law issues that we can address for clients. The firm started in 2001 with just one lawyer, focused primarily on labels and formulas. We have branched out to cover permits, trademarks, trade practices, distribution, and the other legal issues that commonly impact beer, wine, spirits, cider, kombucha, hard seltzer and other beverages.

The below-listed new lawyers join a highly experienced team of ten lawyers and several other professionals.

  • Art DeCelleSenior Counsel. Art has been working as a lawyer for over 30 years in various senior capacities such as at a leading international law firm, as General Counsel of the Beer Institute, and as a Chief of Staff and Counsel in Congress. Art handles beer law generally, as well as alcohol beverage law more broadly. He has wide experience in tax compliance, audits, distribution, co-packing and alternating proprietorship agreements, due diligence review, rulemaking, Customs, tied house, FTC, and trade association work.
  • Marshall FawleyAttorney. Marshall’s practice runs the gamut of alcohol beverage issues including contracts, advertising, trade practices, FDA labeling, Customs, flavors and tax. He also handles permits, labels, formulas, and has significant experience working with TTB violations and providing risk analysis.

We want to thank the many good clients who have helped us grow over the years, and we look forward to helping you in the years to come. If you have any new projects in mind, please do not hesitate to reach out. In most cases we are happy to talk it over with you in a confidential, preliminary way, at no charge. We have well over 100 years of combined beverage-specific experience and we are here to help your business.

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