Words matter.

Spoken or unspoken.

Words created our nation.

They form the backbone of society.

Without words there can be no rule of law.  No communication of any sort.

Words can inspire.

Or crush all hope.

Those with power must be especially careful in choosing their words.

Because the wrong ones can lead to terrible consequences.

Racist words and rhetoric can morally crippled a nation.

The failure to use words to acknowledge racism can lead to acquiescence.

On May 25, 2020, George Ffloyd’s killing by police officers was captured on a cell phone by a 17 year old girl.

George’s words were heard around the world: “I can’t breathe.”

In response, this nation’s highest leader wrote that the killing was: “very sad and tragic.”

The word “sad” is an adverb. It is personal to the one using it. It describes our leader’s personal feelings.

The word “very” simply emphasizes that our leader is feeling sad to a high degree.

The word “tragic” is repetitive of the concept of being very sad – maybe one degree higher – like extremely sad.

Our leader used no words to describe nor condemn the killing of George Ffloyd.

In the days following, protests and riots have ensued.

In response this nation’s highest leader writes that the participants are “thugs.”

The word “thug” is a noun used to describe a violent criminal.

Words matter.

Photo: The power of a Gene Pearson sculpture.