In the wake of the tragic and wrongful death of George Floyd, and the countless innocent lives taken before him, the Paladin team stands in solidarity to change the deep history of injustice toward Black communities in America. We are committed to working as an ally to achieve equal access to justice, especially for the people of color, immigrants, and other communities that have been systematically excluded.

As an immediate step in the aftermath of this weekend’s events, Paladin is working to support protesters’ cases pro bono, either at the immediate arrest or in the post-arraignment phase. While those initiatives will take time to formalize, and we recognize they don’t address the root causes of these injustices, we hope Paladin’s technology can help facilitate greater and faster legal assistance to those in need. Longer-term, we are committed to expanding Paladin’s criminal justice networks and offerings to help better serve Black communities.

Beyond that, below are some important organizations and initiatives to which Paladin team members are supporting and/or donating:

  1. Bail funds that help arrestees post bail — find your state here
  2. Racial Justice advocacy organizations like the Legal Defense Fund
  3. Local public defender nonprofits handling arrests like Bronx Defenders (or find the one in your area)
  4. Arrest hotlines like GoodCall NYC (call 1–833–3-GOODCALL if arrested)
  5. Organizations on the frontlines fighting systemic racism, such as Black Lives Matter

In support and solidarity,

The Paladin team — Adam, Charlie, Felicity, Ilana, Kristen, Matt, Phoebe & Travis

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