Summer is almost here.

June 2020, a kind of June that we have never experienced before.

It is really different right now.  There is much to grieve, there is cause for anger, there is change afoot, and challenges and opportunities abound.

And to honour all of this I am focused on being present each day and slowing down.

Those of you who know me, know that productivity is one of my things.

I write about it.  I speak about it and I always emphasize that productivity has to be in service of doing what matters.

Self care matters.

So productivity for me means…

I am making a point these days of upping my focus on making space for rejuvenation.

I am setting boundaries around the workday and mail so that I actually do get off work.

I have begun limiting how much news I consume.

I am making sure to unplug and get outdoors for break during the workday.

I have started taking part in an online evening yoga class that I love…

and more.

If you are feeling like you want to be more productive I encourage you to start here, with self-care, before all else.