For 30 years ProVisors has distinguished itself from other professional networking organizations by building an invite-only exclusive community of trusted advisors. The “business accelerator” departed the pack even further today.

That comes with the launch of  its Thought Leadership Portal, built on the LexBlog platform—the first LexBlog Portal of its kind because it includes professional insights from verticals beyond those in the legal sector.

“The ProVisors Thought Leadership Portal is an easy-to-use platform to showcase members’ professional insight to our Community and across the web,”  said Matt Toledo, CEO of ProVisors.

The Portal brings ProVisors members insight, articles, podcasts, and webinars all together into one place. Members with an existing blog can add their content to the Portal via RSS technology. Members without a blog can post directly to the Portal to upload their commentary for free.

While in the past, LexBlog’s publishing solutions were made exclusively for publishers reporting on the law, this new Portal extends beyond the field.

“It’s a tremendous opportunity for LexBlog,” said Kevin O’Keefe, CEO of LexBlog. “We’re listening to what other people need and how it can be used and that opens our eyes up to how we can serve other people we may have not thought of serving before.”

“The future of LexBlog could be working with partners outside the legal vertical,” he said.

ProVisors began 30 years ago as a platform for professionals to leverage relationships  and ensure that members have a referral network of professionals who they can trust to take care of their clients.

Today, ProVisors has evolved into a national organization with over 6,000 members in different sectors including law, accounting, investment management, banking and finance, insurance and more. 



The member breakdown at Provisors.


What makes ProVisors particularly unique is that each member is vetted and invited.

How does it work? Trusted advisors from top professions in the legal, accounting, finance, and other sectors and invited to join groups of about 35 other members who have a mix of different professions. Members  meet on a monthly basis to get to know, like, trust and refer business. 

ProVisors is a game-changer for many professionals. Joining a group to seek answers outside of their particular specialty can separate a member from being just another advisor, to instead the go-to person for clients. 

What you give comes back to you. It’s the law of reciprocity. The ProVisors system activates this law, motivating members to help each other.

Because of this core value, one of the other benefits that often comes out of ProVisors beyond business growth, is lifelong friendships. It is truly a very private, tight-knit community. 

The power of community should never be taken lightly—and with the new Portal, that goal of community building is furthered.

“At ProVisors, we remain committed to heightening our members’ brand,” Toledo said.

Representing an evolution in online publishing fueled with insights from multiple verticals, the Provisor’s Thought Leadership Portal is a resource for all readers—whether interested in law, business litigation, business coaching, entertainment, healthcare, or beyond.