If you’re thinking about using a special master, you and the judge you’re appearing in front of may find “Appointing Masters and Other Judicial Adjuncts,” published by the Academy of Court Appointed Masters (“ACAM”), to be quite useful. This newly released benchbook includes:

  • A summary of the various roles judicial adjuncts can serve;
  • A guide to the rules that govern appointment orders and a detailed checklist of items to include in the order;
  • Sample appointment orders and concise descriptions of articles, books and literature about the use of special masters; and
  • Sections detailing ethical issues, practical concerns, key issues in the appointment process, and a checklist for judges to review with their adjuncts early on in the appointment.


Disputing’s own Karl Bayer is a proud member of the ACAM.  If you have any questions about how to successfully utilize a special master in your case, do not hesitate to contact Karl’s scheduling team at (512) 345-8537.

Photo by: Giammarco Boscaro on Unsplash