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Exciting News From Accellis

Although 2020 has started with unprecedented challenges, we are excited to officially announce that Accellis Technology Group has completed the acquisition of Cleveland based Managed Service Provider, TrustPoint Technologies. Our combined companies will represent one of the most capable IT companies anywhere.  

The terms of our agreement were finalized at the end of January, and we began the operational integration of our two companies in February. As the COVID-19 situation progressed in March, (lucky timing, right?), we met the challenge head-on and migrated nearly all of our combined clients to a remote setting in a matter of days. As we sent our team to their respective home offices, we were also able to complete the integration of TrustPoint Technology’s clients, systems, staff, and support operations with virtually no impact to our current clients. To say we’re proud of that would be an understatement.  

As we start resuming normal business practices, we are excited to offer our clients a larger support team, advanced cybersecurity programs, greater procurement capabilities and buying power, expanded education/training options, and one of the most talented management teams you’ll find anywhere.  

What was our attraction to TrustPoint Technologies?   

First and foremost – it was their team. TrustPoint Technologies brings a truly talented engineering and management team to our combined ranks. They also bring a similar approach to delivering excellent service with an amazing customer experience. Lastly, our companies both leveraged similar operational platforms and tools that have simplified and streamlined our business integration. Each of these points proved vital as we began the process during the pandemic and stay at home orders.   

How does this merger benefit Accellis clients?  

Service – service – service! We understand that’s what you care about most. Our clients will experience service through a new and improved concierge-style account management team, as well as the depth of our overall engineering team and technical skills. With both teams in place and the operational integration nearly complete, we now have expanded capabilities to support our client’s digital transformation efforts through dedicated Account Managers, Systems Architects, and a new Director of Customer Experience and a Client Technical Alignment Manager.   

In the coming weeks, we will be sending out further details, including the introduction of these new leadership positions and outlining our short and long-term plans to be the best technology partner possible. Not the biggest – just the best. If you have any questions regarding this announcement, please feel free to email me (jmarquette@accellis.com), our Director of Client Services, Tracie Alfano (talfano@accellis.com), or our Chief Operations Officer, Brian Guscott (bguscott@accellis.com). We’re here to answer any questions you might have.  

We are very excited about this partnership and look forward to bringing unmatched IT service and experience to our clients.   

Thank you,
Joe Marquette

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