On Thursday, the National Center for State Courts (“NCSC”) conducted a useful webinar titled, “Jury Service and Accessing Court Services Remotely in a (Post) Pandemic America: Results From a New National Public Opinion Poll.”  The webinar was designed to address the COVID-19 pandemic and provide both guidance and resources for the courts. A NCSC synopsis of the webinar states:

Join us for results and analysis of a new national opinion poll completed just days ago for the National Center for State Courts. Presenters will outline key findings on how Americans feel about the state courts during the time of a global pandemic. The session will review shifting attitudes towards the use of remote technology to receive court services; address findings about how many Americans say they have access to the tools to use those remote services; provide data on how safe people feel about reporting for jury service; and review how effective Americans think masks, social distancing and other protective measures will be in making sure a trip to the courthouse is a safe experience.

You may view a recording of the webinar and a copy of associated materials on the NCSC’s website.

Photo by: John Schnobrich on Unsplash