The National Center for State Courts (“NCSC”) recently assisted in conducting yet another useful webinar for Texas attorneys titled, “Jury Service & Accessing Court Services Remotely in a (Post) Pandemic Texas: Results from a New Texas Public Opinion Poll & Bar Survey.” The NCSC partnered with the Texas Office of Court Administration to survey both potential jurors and attorneys across Texas.  A webinar summary states:

Join us for results and analysis of a new Texas opinion poll and Bar survey completed just days ago. Presenters will outline key findings on how Texans feel about the state courts during the time of a global pandemic. The session will review shifting attitudes towards the use of remote technology to receive court services; address findings about how many Texans say they have access to the tools to use those remote services; provide data on how safe people feel about reporting for jury service; and review how effective Texans think masks, social distancing and other protective measures will be in making sure a trip to the courthouse is a safe experience.

You may view the webinar without charge online.  A copy of the NCSC Texas Juror Poll Results is also available for download.

Photo credit:  Beth Graham