Justice Ireland:

“Here’s a picture of me as the first woman member of the Washington State Trial Lawyer Association Board. It only happened because the President, John Lewis, insisted. He wanted me to be chair of the legislative committee because I had worked in the Stat senate three terms in college. I knew everyone and where all the bodies were buried. The WSTLA Board agreed with one hitch. I would not have a vote. I agreed. A foot in the door is easier than kicking it in, as I had to do in law school. It took a couple of years for us to get the vote.”


Will you be on my podcast.

Justice Ireland: Yes.

Join us for a stroll down a memory lane filled with bias and sexism. Yet the justice just smiled her way through it. Indomitably. While rising to the top. Here is the link. Episodes 44 and 45


Note: Justice Ireland is a life coach and also serves as a panelist for JAMS.

Photo: Can you find Justice Ireland in this photo of the WSTLA Board. I do see Paul Luvera far top left.