An accomplished software developer, Brandon Fuller founded Docketly in 2011, modeling it after the rapidly growing gig economy. ABC Legal acquired Docketly in 2019 with Brandon remaining as president of the company.

For those unfamiliar with Brandon Fuller, he carries an impressive resume of accomplishments.  Prior to founding Docketly, Brandon was a software engineer for two different Silicon Valley networking companies, one sold to Cisco and the other recently to Verizon. In addition to building Docketly from the ground up, (signing up customers, recruiting attorneys and running operations) Brandon was single-handedly writing all the software himself. It’s probably why some of our largest customers rave about Docketly’s noticeable tech difference, the user interface and their API for exchanging data and documents.  

With ABC Legal looking to dramatically ramp up investment in software engineering, Brandon has been appointed to CTO of ABC Legal on September 8, 2020. Vital to ABC Legal’s IT infrastructure and technology stack, Navneet Gupta will continue to work alongside Brandon to build a tech stack that further advances ABC Legal’s standing as the industry leader.