Doing business in the midst of a pandemic is unchartered territory

 Despite the difficulties and concerns brought on by Covid-19, it remains each attorney’s primary ethical duty to protect the interests of their client. This essentially means to stay in regular and frequent contact with your clients and not let anything fall through the cracks.

 Under the current circumstances, we at Brown Personal Injury Law as well as Brown Family Law Group recognize this duty includes an obligation that attorneys be “technologically competent” such that they can effectively communicate with our clients to achieve our clients’ objectives.

 For these reasons, our firm has implemented safe communications platforms like Zoom, GoToMeeting a well as the good old fashion telephone whenever possible to keep our clients safe and secure. In addition, we utilizing secure resources to safeguard client confidences, and in countless other ways navigate the “virtual” hurdles to practicing law during this pandemic.

 In this different world that we now find ourselves, an attorney’s failure to learn how to utilize technology to communicate safely with clients and rise to the challenge of practicing law remotely is tantamount to the client being without counsel. This will never happen at Brown Personal Injury Law or Brown Family Law Group.

 Just give us a call with your injury law or estate document questions and you will see what full and competent representation means, even during these difficult times.