Two months ago we file a dozen tort claims with the city and state. For peaceful protesters who were hurt by the police or in Summer Taylor’s case – killed – while protesting for BLM. We then need to wait 60 days before filing the suit.

Instead of having down time, we begin drafting the complaint. I have the great role of being the boss of all and hand out assignments. Lisa – history and facts of law enforcement violations. Melanie – negligence claims. Fred – facts of each plaintiff based upon the claims addenda drafted by Furhad and Alysha. Andrew – making it all work and drafting whatever else needs to be done to get it done. Lara of Cedar law – WLAD section. Chris – Muni Codes (his discovery). Drafting by committee doesn’t always work. But it does here. All I have to do is edit it for 6 hours and draft the preamble. Et voila.  The complaint is magnificent.  All 100 illustrated pages of it.

Next up – press conference. If you watch most attorney press conferences you will notice a common theme. The lead attorney is the only speaker. But we do it differently. Everyone – from intern to associate to partner presents the case. Followed by 10 of the clients. 53 beautiful minutes. Live streamed by Komonews.

The dozen members of the legal team stand together with the clients. Facing the media. Speaking our truths. Clapping after each person presents. Snapping fingers softly to not interrupt. Nodding our heads. Sharing our eyes with each other. Mouths covered with BLM masks due to the pandemic. Our emotions fill Jimi Hendrix park. In the shadow of the African American Museum. On the Duwamish peoples’ land.

Photo by @Juliabcanfield our firm photographer