We are beyond thrilled to share that Mitch Oram has joined Paladin as its first Enterprise Account Executive! Mitch has a breadth of experience across industries and notably helped grow early-stage Teem through its acquisition to WeWork a few years ago. As Paladin grows, we’re excited to couple Mitch’s expertise in solving problems for clients with his dedication to helping those in need.

We asked Mitch a few questions to learn more about how his past life has influenced his perspective on legal tech and access to justice, and what he’s most looking forward to at Paladin.

  1. Mitch, we’re so happy to have you on board! Tell us about your background. Most of my career has been spent in SaaS companies, specifically the Business Development role. I have been fortunate to be part of companies from all sizes —from small start ups to established in markets to large enterprise software — all of which provided different perspectives and opportunities. I enjoyed all of them and am excited to bring pieces from each to help push forward the mission of Paladin.
  2. Why do you think innovation in the legal industry is important? The world is always changing and the need to innovate is more important than ever. With new technology comes new ways to speed up processes and procedures that have historically been arduous while simultaneously making a difference in a community or individual.
  3. What drew you to Paladin? Ultimately, it came down to the overall mission and team behind the mission. The need to make a difference in access to justice is the cornerstone of Paladin with everything built around that singular goal. Behind the mission is a team that has ATJ in their DNA along with a passion to help others who might not be able to otherwise.
  4. Why is access to justice important to you? Everyone should have access to a fair chance at justice regardless of circumstances in their life. For me, being on the front lines and being a small part of cause to help others is what is most important. If we can get one more person the access they need, that has the potential to change generations.
  5. What do you see as Paladin’s biggest opportunity within the access to justice space? I think the biggest opportunity is the impact that can be made scaling the platform and infrastructure we have in place. When I look back years from now, I want to imagine faces of people who got the help they needed who otherwise wouldn’t have.
  6. What are you most looking forward to in your new role? I’m excited to collaborate together with firms, corporations and institutions who have similar goals in mind to help them realize their contribution to access to justice. It’s something that is eye opening when you see real data behind the contribution you are making to create a better society.
  7. Which GIF best represents how you feel about pro bono innovation?

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