Yesterday, the Maine Public Utilities Commission issued a request for comments related to the MPUC’s Net Energy Billing Report to the Legislature. The Commission broadly invited any interested person to submit information or comments “that may be relevant to the NEB report to the Legislature. In particular, the Commission request[ed] comments on the matter of how many projects that currently have a NEB Agreement or have a NEB Agreement in the future are likely to be developed and become operational.”

The MPUC also asked Central Maine Power Company and Versant Power to report on “the development progress of projects (interconnection facility related or otherwise) listed in [CMP’s and Versant’s] reports that are indicated as expected to be in service in Q4 2020 and Q1 2021 (if any).”

This is an opportunity for interested parties to share valuable insight and information regarding the value of the NEB Program. Comments are due October 21, 2020.