We make no bones about it; this is one of the stranger stories to be posted on the Alabama Workers’ Compensation Blawg.  It was recently reported by WorkersCompensation.com that one of the world’s leading hip and knee experts began the act of keeping his patient’s bones in the 90’s.  Since that time, he has held on
to bones from close to 5,224 surgeries.  The Birmingham doctor, known to have a list of famous athletes as his patients, is known as the “Father
of Modern Hip Resurfacing” and invented a widely used hip resurfacing technique.  He also developed a procedure known as the Birmingham Knee Replacement.


If you live in or near Birmingham and had hip or knee surgery in the last 25 years, you are probably wondering if it was by this famous doctor and if he
pilfered one of your bones.  The odds are against it, unless your surgery took place across the pond.  You see, the doctor’s name is Dr.
Derek McMinn and he was suspended from Edgbaston Hospital in Birmingham, United Kingdom.   


If Dr. McMinn did perform surgery on you and you want your bone back, it may take awhile for the hospital to process your request.  They are apparently
operating with a skeleton crew.