The world waits for a COVID-19 vaccine – and with it, a return to some semblance of normalcy. For some, it feels a bit like purgatory. In the midst of the unknown, it’s tempting to postpone any kind of big-picture planning until we’re back on terra firma.

But this is not the time to skip out on a plan.

From all accounts, we will return to something like business as usual in 2021. Offices will reopen. The rhythms of our daily lives will be restored. The headlines will not be dominated by COVID-19.

And….all of the problems we’ve been ignoring will still be there. (During our distraction, some possibly have grown worse.)

Legal Departments that proactively pause to plan for the “new normal” will be better prepared for the transition, be better equipped to handle non-COVID work, and will weather what promises to be another strange year with less stress.

We know that strategic planning is not a traditional forte of in-house counsel. According to data from Xakia’s Legal Operations Health Check:

  • Less than one-third (29.9%) of Legal Departments conduct annual planning at least “moderately well”;
  • Only one-third (32.5%) have short- and long-term objectives;
  • Less than one-quarter (24.6%) have well-defined and measurable strategic metrics.