Our client was stopped by police for allegedly failing to stop at a stop sign. Once stopped, the police officer discovered he had no valid driver’s license. He was therefore charged with the criminal infraction of driving without a license, and the civil infraction of failing to stop at a stop sign.

Attorney Alexander Conley represented our client. An investigation of the case revealed that the intersection where our client was stopped did not have a stop sign. As such Attorney Conley filed and argued a motion to suppress all the evidence that came from what was an illegal police stop of our client’s vehicle. The court allowed our motion, and, ultimately, the criminal case was dismissed, and our client was found not responsible for the stop sign violation.

Our client was spared from having to plea to the criminal charge, and thus save his criminal record. This resolution also resulted in no consequences to our client’s ability to obtain a driver’s license.

Sometimes, improper police actions, such as an improper motor vehicle stop, can lead to a favorable resolution of a case. Contact Aprodu | Conley, PLLC today for a free consultation to analyze all the facts and circumstances of your case.