Biden’s inauguration and the potential policy change to come captivated the legal blogging scene this week. With legislation on the horizon in a number of different sectors, a lot of the top blog posts this week were those that covered those timely developments. Alongside that important legal news, we’re highlighting marketing ideas, the indictment of public officials in the Flint water crisis, and more.

Top 10

Former public officials indicted on criminal charges in Flint water crisis

Last Thursday, Michigan prosecutors indicted 9 individuals on a total of 42 counts related to the Flint water crisis—including former Michigan Governor Rick Snyder. Stuart Kaplow of the blog Green Building Law Update offers a detailed post on what happened and the significance of public officials actually being charged for government actions related to environmental matters.

DC Circuit Court vacates and remands the Trump administration’s Affordable Clean Energy rule

The DC Circuit Court has vacated and remanded the Trump administration’s Affordable Clean Energy rule, opening the door for President Biden to return to more progressive energy policy. Leah Kaiser of Husch Blackwell discusses Section 7411 of the Clean Air Act and the opportunities available for the Biden administration on the blog Emerging Energy Insights.

Legaltech vs Lawtech. What is the difference between legaltech and lawtech? Is there one and does it matter?

The views on the difference between legaltech and lawtech fall into three categories. Lawtomated offers the viewpoints that legaltech is for lawyers while lawtech is for clients, lawtech is the wrong term altogether, or that legaltech encompasses lawtech. The two terms can be used interchangeably, but if you’re a legaltech/lawtech start-up, “You may want to research how legaltech vs lawtech trend over time from an SEO and marketing perspective!”

President Biden calls for reinstating and expanding mandatory paid leave as part of Covid Relief Package

Some of the most substantial changes from the Biden administration are expected to come in the COVID-19 response and relief category. Jackson LewisTara Burke provides a succinct post on the president’s plan at Disability, Leave & Health Management Blog. Biden’s proposal calls for a national vaccination program, expanded testing, and direct payments to individuals.

Are changes in store for US white collar enforcement?

With the unprecedented amount of updates to U.S. white collar enforcement due to the pandemic, administration policies, and business trends, it will be interesting to see how developments continue under a Biden presidency. Latham & Watkins discusses the Department of Justice’s guidance updates this year, developments in FCPA litigation, and more on the blog LathamGermany.

Why you need to care about generation Z when it comes to your marketing efforts

For years, the marketing industry has been tailored directly to millennials.  Stefanie Marrone suggests it’s time to turn the attention to Gen Z. She discusses the importance of reaching a diverse audience and why it’s important to market to the younger generation at Social Media Butterfly.

More guidance from the CDC on workplace vaccination programs

With the vaccine now available to more than just front-line healthcare workers, the CDC released a toolkit for employers that contains relevant sample communications, posters, and social media content. Shawe Rosenthal provides a handy Q&A at Labor & Employment Report that answers questions employers may have in context of new CDC guidance.

New Biden immigration bill announced on day one of administration

Just one day into his presidency, Biden sent a bold piece of immigration legislation to Congress. Laura Reiff of GreenbergTraurig discusses the U.S. Citizenship Act in context for business immigration on the blog EB-5 Insights. She bullets the administration’s immigration wish-list and also points out important visas that were not addressed.

President-Elect Biden’s labor agenda comes into clearer focus and employers need to plan accordingly

“A far more employee/union friendly administration will dramatically change the playing field on the labor front.” Michael Frantz of Frantz Ward touches on Biden’s agenda from his campaign platform at Labor & Employment Law Navigator and predicts how that will manifest in policy. Minimum wage, overtime, and expansion of paid leave are all open to change during this presidential term.

4 resolutions for business success in 2021

The beginning of a new year is a great time to set goals for your business. Marc Cerniglia of Paula Black Legal Business Development suggests four that, if accomplished, will lead to success this year. Decreasing your workload, losing the (dead) weight, making more and faster decisions, as well as increasing your marketing content are all attainable goals, he writes on Legal Marketing Blog.