Cybersecurity for Lawyers is a wiki from Neil Brown of internet, tech and telecoms law firm It’s a primer for lawyers on practical cybersecurity for law firms. Straightforward, no fuss, detailed but easy to follow advice – for example this on passwords.

Lawtomated is a collaborative learning resource aimed at lawyer and non-lawyer alike interested in, using or wanting to understand legaltech. It is staffed by legaltech professionals, including lawyers, legaltech entrepreneurs, researchers and vendors. Whilst there are some resources for beginners, it’s mostly “deep dives” into legaltech products, methodologies and technologies, innovation, adoption and change management.

Tech4Law is an independent and unbiased practical practice journal focused on helping lawyers practise law more effectively and efficiently. It’s a South African site but there’s plenty on this busy site for lawyers from across the globe. The Tech Advisor section provides useful advice and explainers, such as this on Email, IMAP and POP3.

Image by Luisella Planeta Leoni from Pixabay

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