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Thousands of law students graduate in India every year, and if you’re one of them, you may have already started dreaming about becoming the next Harish Salve or Zia Mody. While the majority associate only advocates with a legal career, there is an entire goldmine of opportunities present for young law graduates. A concoction of law with technology, finance, business development and the likes has created various lucrative law career options in India that go beyond a courtroom.


The Traditional Law Career in India

Why You Should Explore Non-Traditional Law Careers in India

Alternative Law Careers in India

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The Traditional Law Career in India

Most people enter law schools with the hopes and dreams of having their own chamber in a court one day. Some others hope to secure a 9-to-5 job with the leading law firm of the country and become a partner. Others hope to lock the deal with a corporate company as its in-house legal savant. But when we really dissect these roles, they all hold the same essence. Plus most Indians consider advocacy as the only reputable and successful law career in India.

However, for the first time ever, new opportunities have mushroomed in the sector for new lawyers to consider. Law is not a one-track field anymore; technology has brought in lucrative opportunities for those who do not wish to tie themselves down to courts or a desk job.

Why You Should Explore Non-Traditional Law Careers in India

Indian legal sector has witnessed a tremendous boom in recent years. There are a myriad of new opportunities for law graduates that offer differentiation from the conventional courtroom career. Further, these alternative career paths offer opportunities to specialize in niche services that are growing their audience each day. And if we’re being brutally honest, the Indian legal arena is jam-packed with lawyers. By exploring new law careers in India, you can also enter a sweet spot of multidisciplinary opportunities and a differentiated position in the marketplace which can end up having a profound impact on your career.

Alternative Law Careers in India

Let’s look at some of the most in-demand alternative law careers in India.

Legal Design

Legal design involves the application of design thinking to legal services. The goal of legal design is to help create more accessible, usable, and customer-centric legal systems and services.

As a legal designer, you will need to rethink how to deliver legal services in the most client-focused way. You will also redesign the legal services of a law firm or law practice to meet the needs of its clients. For this, the first requirement is to be able to carefully understand the real legal solutions being created by the lawyers, which would, in turn, need you to understand the client’s business or personal problem, the laws involved, and the advice being given by the lawyer as a deliverable. It also requires identifying the pain points of a client to create personalized solutions that meet their needs.

The crux of legal design as a law career in India is to be able to identify and design legal products and services that simplify the lives of people that use them. It also includes creating solutions that not only help the clients but also improve the way legal service is delivered.

Legal Technologist

The roles and responsibilities of in-house counsel are changing rapidly. General Counsels and their teams are now expected to deliver high-quality, time-bound and high-value solutions. Unprecedented market and regulatory conditions also add to the pressure and workload. It further demands new technology that simplifies legal processes and cuts down operational costs.

This demand has created the role of a legal technologist. This career arc involves developing technology solutions that can easily address the legal problems being faced by the business. Legal technologists collaborate with legal process designers to employ the right technologies that greatly speed up the delivery of repetitive tasks.

This law career in India brings the best of the legal and technology worlds for creating more cost-efficient and productivity-driven legal tech solutions. Legal technologists also work with lawyers and law firms to redesign their technology frameworks or even simple tasks like document and invoice management.

Information Architect or Designer

Another rising law career in India that does not follow the conventional route is that of an information architect or information designer. Information architecture involves systematic structuring of information, and can be applied in a host of ways: designing the legal advice being given to a client, creating an information or knowledge management system in the firm, presenting complex ideas in a more consumable way to potential clients or other players the firm is interacting within the market, and so on.

Legal Project Manager as a Law Career in India

Legal project management involves defining the scope of work and identifying the right means and processes to execute a project, case, matter, or mandate. Simply, legal project managers prepare the background for a legal project so that lawyers can save the additional costs and billable hours spent on it.

Clients now want lawyers and law firms to provide cost-efficient, prompt and more effective legal services. However, matters like mergers, acquisitions, IPO, etc., require detailed study and background insights before their actual execution. Therefore, as a legal project manager, you will need to have a comprehensive legal as well as business understanding, and the ability to decipher the client’s concern and plan the project layout from start to finish, accounting for deviations and everything that could go wrong, minimizing chances of failure or deviations, while keeping the project costs low.

Legal Process Analyst

A legal process analyst helps in executing and enforcing legal policies and systems for its clients. As a legal process analyst, you have to understand the legal processes, and design, implement, test and develop them to ensure that the client’s compliance needs are met. You also have to provide requisite process documentation, operating manuals and process amendments as and when needed.

A legal process analyst also reviews the client data and market trends to ensure that the output of legal processes achieves the wanted goals. They also identify problems and risks in the existing processes and provide resolution with necessary modifications.

Client Experience or Account Manager

Lawyers, law firms and legal companies are identifying the importance of establishing and building long-lasting client relations. Increased liabilities under the consumer protection laws have also increased the importance of a seamless client experience.

It has bred a new genre of legal client experience managers. Legal companies, law firms and even lawyers are hiring lawyers to handle client accounts and provide support services such as onboarding clients, updating their case status, guiding them about the legal process, etc.

Legal Marketing or Digital Marketing as a Law Career in India

The world is going digital, and so are the service industries. More and more clients rely on online reviews and search results to make their purchase choices. However, the top results do not necessarily mean a good service provider. The game is of good digital marketing and online branding, and this applies to the legal world too.

It has created a new law career in India that mixes marketing with law. Legal marketing professionals handle all the public relations, branding and marketing activities for legal companies, law firms and lawyers. Since legal professionals cannot advertise their services, they need to tread tough waters to establish their online presence. Legal marketing professionals ease this process by improving, maintaining and developing their client’s public image without crossing the legal lines.

To Summarise

The legal sector is increasingly relying on supporting roles to expedite justice, streamline processes, reduce costs and minimise errors. While lawyers are still the main heroes of our country’s legal saga, these above-mentioned non-traditional law careers in India have become irreplaceable allies. If you’re graduating or have graduated as a lawyer, these law careers in India are alternatives if you do not wish to enter the traditional courtroom legal world.