I’ve watched with increasing dismay – even disgust – at the calls of extremists in the Democratic Party (specifically, the leftist wing that controls that party) to “defund” police departments across this country.  This ridiculous idea has to be among the pantheon of the most unthinkable of public policy ideas I’ve heard of.  All of this., of course, is in “response” to any hint whatsoever in the media of police “misconduct” or “excessive force”.  That claim has now been crystallized by the case of George Floyd – who has since this incident has been lionized – even beatified – by the liberal media as the penultimate “victim”, even some kind of martyr or saint.

I’m a Boston, Massachusetts criminal defense attorney.  It’s my job and dedication to defend people accused of crime.  In the courtroom, I’m on the opposite side of the aisle from police and prosecutors.  Despite this, I find this ludicrous idea to defund police departments to be very offensive – and obviously, very dangerous.  There are ‘bad apples’ in every profession (including the legal profession), but over my career of more than 25 years, I have found the vast majority of police officers to be honest, admirable people.  And this attempt to disparage and disempower police departments, born of liberal extremists but advocated by the mainstream media, is both dangerous and noxious.

From the videographic evidence that I’ve reviewed of Floyd’s arrest, I agree that the arresting officer, Derek Chauvin, used excessive force.  But lost in all the media mayhem that followed, were these facts: